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The first line below is for "Our Favourite Travel Photos", a collection of photos from various trips. Following that is the list of albums from our individual trips. Please scroll down to see the full list.

On any line, click on the thumbnail, or on the title, to see the photos.

Finally, following the list of albums, is another single line which links to a small album containing some photos of Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia, which is where we live.

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Favourites Click for ..

      "Our Favourite Travel Photos"      

This is a selection of pictures chosen from all of our travels over many years.

Each of the following represents a photo album from one of our trips. Clicking on the thumbnail, or on the title, will take you to the album.

Europe Click for ..

      "Europe, 1988"      

This was a wonderful three month trip (long before digital photography). The Berlin Wall was still in place and Yugoslavia was still one country.
Beijing Click for ..

      "Beijing, 2002"      

En route to Europe, we visited Beijing and had our first experience of China. On this trip we had our first digital camera - a very basic Kodak DC290.
Antarctic Click for ..

      "Antarctic, 2005"      

The Antarctic is simply an overwhelming, mind blowing, experience. On top of that, we were using our first DSLR camera, a Nikon D70.
New York Click for ..

      "New York, 2005"      

New York is different things to different people, but always exciting. This was our experience on a brief stopover in 2005.
Peru Click for ..

  "Peru - Cusco and Machu Picchu, 2005"  

A trip to the centre of Inca culture, dating from long before the Spanish invasion and destruction.
Galapagos Click for ..

      "Galapagos Islands, 2005"      

The wildlife of the Galapagos set Charles Darwin thinking and, to this day, makes for a "different" experience.
Bangkok Click for ..

  "Bangkok - Grand Palace & Temples, 2006"  

We have visited Bangkok often, mainly on business. On this stopover we saw some of the famous sights of this city.
Bhutan Click for ..

      "Bhutan, 2006"      

For centuries Bhutan has been hidden from the world. Only now are visitors being permitted to experience its culture.
Cambodia Click for ..

  "Cambodia - The Temples of Angkor, 2006"  

For many years, Angkor Wat has held a fascination for us. Now we take the opportunity to visit it and its surrounds.
Tonie Sap Click for ..

      "Cambodia - Tonie Sap Lake, 2006"      

Tonie Sap Lake has massive seasonal rises and falls, which account for its floating villages and stilt houses.
Arctic Click for ..

      "An Arctic Voyage, 2007"      

A voyage from Svalbard, inside the Arctic Circle, into the polar ice cap in search of polar bears and other wildlife.
Top End Click for ..

      "The Top End of Australia, 2007"      

A journey across the "top end" of Australia, taking in Kakadu National Park, the Kimberleys, and a lot more.
Libya Click for ..

      "Libya, 2008"      

Libya, in the days of Gadaffi, was an adventurous choice, but a rewarding experience as well.
Egypt Click for ..

      "Egypt, 2008"      

We sampled the ancient and the modern in Alexandria and Cairo, and cruised the Nile visiting its archeological wonders.
Whales Click for ..

  "Humpback Whales of Australia, 2008"  

The annual humpback whale migration along the east coast of Australia provides great viewing opportunities.
Safari Click for ..

      "East African Safari, 2009"      

Tanzania provides an incredible experience, including the Serengeti and the annual mass migration of wildebeest.
Alaska Click for ..

      "Alaska, 2010"      

A small ship cruise through the Inside Passage, followed by a visit to Anchorage and sightings of brown bears.
Red Centre Click for ..

      "The Red Centre of Australia, 2010"      

A campervan trip through the "Red Centre" of Australia is a truly unique experience.
Laos Click for ..

      "Northern Laos, 2011"      

Laos, seen during a riverboat voyage down the Mekong, and then overland as we journey to Vietnam.
Vietnam Click for ..

      "Northern Vietnam, 2011"      

Our Vietnam experience was memorable, taking us "off the beaten track" into small towns and villages.
China Click for ..

      "China, 2011"      

Our "independent travel" adventure in China covered a lot of ground, and many unforgettable experiences.
Botswana Click for ..

      "Botswana, 2012"      

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a unique environment and provides wildlife viewing unmatched elsewhere.
Paris Click for ..

      "A Few Days in Paris, 2013"      

We both love Paris, and could not pass up the opportunity to spend a few days there en route to Morocco.
Morocco Click for ..

      "Morocco, 2013"      

Names like Fes and Marrakech conjure up images that come to life as we travel independently through Morocco.
Italy Click for ..

      "Italy, 2014"      

A trip from Rome through Umbria and Tuscany to Florence, then along the coast from Cinque Terre to Portofino.
Japan Click for ..

      "Cherry Blossom Time, Japan, 2015"      

A trip through Japan in Cherry Blossom time, 2015 seeing the country and experiencing the amazing cherry blossoms.
Barrier Reef Click for ..

      "The Great Barrier Reef, 2015"      

A short trip to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns and Port Douglas in 2015, with a brief ride on the Kuranda railway
Chile 2016 Click for ..

      "Chile, 2016"      

An interesting trip through Chile from the highest and driest desert in the world to the mountains, glaciers and lakes of Patagonia
Uepi 2016 Click for ..

      "Uepi Island, 2016"      

A week on a beautiful island in the Solomons with little to do but snorkel along the coral reef photographing fish
Navini 2019 Click for ..

      "Navini Island, Fiji, 2019"      

Nine days on another tropical island - Navini Island in Fiji. Navini has much in common with Uepi in the Solomon Islands (our previous trip) with beach, sun and snorkelling the big attractions
Port Douglas 2019 Click for ..

      "Port Douglas, 2019"      

A few days in Port Douglas to celebrate Sabine's 75th birthday, and to spend a day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

And finally, if you would like to see where we live ....

Nelson Bay Click for ..

      "Nelson Bay, Australia"      

This is where we live.

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